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Bassnectar: Noise vs Beauty

Bassnectar is back with a whole new album, Noise vs Beauty! With upbeat kicks and snares, and bass that guarantees a party. Reaching for a more pop feel and losing sight of the bass drop, i feel like hes getting lazy.

If you’re into pop music but not really EDM, This album can change your mind. Songs like “You & Me” and Now still have have the fast paced Hi Hats but the rap/singing style adds a pop twist. A lot of the new songs feature other artist like Rye Rye, Seth Drake.. Rye rye did a lot better on her song You & Me for bassnectar then her hit single Bang! for Fast & Furious.

Bassnectar himself has eased up on his drops. On the 2013 album, “Take you down”, song “Raw Charles”, Nectar builds up the hype with a fast lead that then shutters into a instant drop of jets (high) and beams (low). The biggest drop on NVSB is “Noise(ft. Donnis)” & “Gnar”, but other than that it’s pretty calm and trance like.

While on tour, Bassnectar is very energetic with his shows. With amazing light shows and psychedelic vibes and sights, its a place you want to be and have fun. If you can’t go see Bassnectar then at least go to a Dub concert.

Over all i rate this album 4 out of 5 stars, it provides a classic club feeling of dancing and good vibes but its walking away from the original Bassnectar. No matter what, the bass will keep you moving.