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Sad, Short Season

Everything starts in the off season, the goal is to outwork your opponents so you can have a better, and longer season. There is a select few, however, that get their seasons cut short due to injury. This is an event that causes pain not only to the spot where the injury that occurred, but also in their heart because they have to sit and watch their team play their sport.

Senior Connor Reardon broke his C7 vertebrae his freshman year playing football.

“I just put my neck down and ran through, I thought it was a stinger at first. Later on in the game I realized it was worse than what I thought at first. it was a scary injury to have.” Reardon said.

Reardon woke up the next morning and couldn’t move his neck, and following a hospital visit Reardon was told he could never play heavy contact sports again. Reardon has since spoken to his football team before games about living in the moment, saying you never know when your last snap of your career will take place, never take it for granted.

“I talked to my teammates before the Platte County game, and basically told them how bad I wanted to be out there with them and that it hurts, and that I wish it didn’t have to end this way, but it did,” said Reardon.

From the football field to the diamond, Junior Meghan Church is a standout  South softball player. Earlier this season Church was rounding third base headed home, when all of a sudden she felt a massive urge of pain coming from her right knee.Church tore her ACL and meniscus, a definite season ending injury.

Church said, “ It was really sad, when I felt the pain coming from my knee I just had a really bad feeling about it. I had a weird feeling in my stomach, I knew I would be out for a while. The recovery takes a long time. I’m supposed to be back in six months, and I’m just glad it wasn’t my senior year.”

Foreign exchange student Julian Braun loves the sport of soccer, or since he’s from Germany let’s call it fuhsball as the Germans call it. Braun recalls last year during a match for his club team in Germany he was taken out by a rough challenge from behind. He noticed his back did not feel right, he continued to practice and play the following week.

However, he finally had decided enough is enough, going to a specialist. It was revealed that he had torn a lower back muscle and would have to miss eight to 12 weeks of action.

Braun said, “It was really hard knowing that if i would’ve stopped playing immediately this could’ve been resolved a lot sooner. It hurt to have to watch my friends continue on with their season without me.”