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Marching Towards First

The Park Hill South Competitive Marching Band is currently gearing up to compete in the Blue Springs Marching Band Festival and hopefully bring home a first place trophy.

The marching band will compete on Oct. 4 at 11:30 a.m. but they will start their preparation much earlier than that said Mimi Rodgers, Marching Clarinetist.

“First off we’ve been having marching practices since three weeks before school even started and we’ve been having them ever since.  Just last weekend we had a four hour rehearsal just to ‘clean up’ the show, I love marching band but . . . it was painful,” Rodgers said.

Rodgers said that the band has regular music rehearsals as well.

The band is buzzing with excitement about this years field show, Bent.  Rodgers said the reason it is so well liked is because it involves more visuals and movement.  Also the music is challenging but easier to memorize and fun to play.

Rodgers believes the hardest part of the field show is keeping in time with the conductors, while Freshman, Josh Boster, marching Flautist, thinks memorizing music is the most overwhelming portion of marching band.

Rodgers said, “Even though its hard the best part of Marching band is being a part of a bigger movement and getting to show an audience.”

This year’s Junior Drum Major, Grace Cooper, believes the hardest thing for her is being a Drum Major.

Cooper said, “ There’s a lot to do… all the time and its a little stressful but it’s all worth it in the end to make the band shine and feel successful.”

Cooper also really enjoys this year’s music she said it’s very intense and it sparks some excitement in the band kids.  Cooper believes the band will compete well at Blue Springs because the band has been working hard and staying focused.

The field show, Bent, will be performed at home football games.