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Halloween too Childish?

Halloween is a holiday that comes around only once a year and people love to go trick-or-treating. Kids running all around your neighborhood in search for some sweet treats dressed in all sorts of crazy costumes! So as you get older does dressing up for halloween become more “childish?”

As we all know Halloween is the one day of the year where you can be anyone but yourself. People dress up as anything they want; witches, ghosts and zombies. But some like to go as something a little odd and think out of the box when it comes to costumes.

There are many different types of halloween costumes. Some people like to go with the traditional look like a witch or ghost as sophomore Matthew Dieleman said.

“If you’re going for a typical Halloween costume I would say a witch or ghost is the most popular” said Dieleman. “It’s what you think of when you think Halloween.”

Others a little more unique. Senior, Riley Lane said the most unique costume she’s ever seen would be, “A person with a blue jumpsuit with cotton balls glued on with a spray bottle spraying people with a sign that said cloudy with a chance of rain.”

If you walk around on Halloween night this year take a look around to see who’s got the craziest costume! Or are people dressed a little more traditional?

If junior, Kasey Sadler could be anything for Halloween she said,”I would be a sexy nurse because Schnitz was a sexy nurse.”

If you’re having trouble finding a costume idea look for this years Halloween check out what people have worn in years past.

For her costume this Halloween Lane said,”I would definitely want to be a mermaid because they have really pretty hair, and the mermaid costumes are the sparkliest!”

A lot of people complain of Halloween being too “childish.” As you get older do you go from the one getting candy or the one giving candy?

Dieleman said,”I’m not dressing up this year because I’m not a little girl.” He also said, “Dressing up is only childish if you’re over ten.”

On the other hand, Lane and Sadler both agree dressing up is fun and not childish because it’s getting into the spirit. They also both said they wanted to dress up to go to some awesome parties.

Sadler said,”I’m gonna be a sexy Mary Poppins this year.”

So if you want to be something unique this year like a rain cloud or a mermaid where can you get this ideas? Sadler said she found her sexy nurse idea on Pinterest.   Lane said she just likes to think of things she’s never seen before to make her stand out on Halloween.

Most of the boys all agreed they weren’t planning on dressing up this year and that it becomes childish as you get older.

“Sure it’s fun getting candy but who wants to walk around all night in a hot and sweaty costume.” said sophomore Aidan Leiker. “That’s what my little brother and sister are for, bring back some candy for me!”

The girls, though, for the most part all like getting into the Halloween spirit and dressing up as someone else and enjoying the holiday.

Sophomore McKenna Webster said,”I love dressing up for Halloween and always will. You have to get into the spirit!”

Halloween is only a couple weeks away. Now that we’re into October people are looking forward to this fun-filled night of candy while other would rather be giving it out. So whether Halloween is too “childish” for you or not kids will still be ringing your doorbell saying “trick-or-treat” with some awesome costumes.