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Future Captains

How important are captains?

Every sports team needs a leader and that is what captains are for. Captains lead their team to victories and championships on the field, but off the field is where they are the biggest leader.

Carson Wells, junior, said, “To be a captain it takes a lot of leadership, character and discipline.”

Leadership is defined as a person who guides or directs a group and the ability to lead. Most teammates select who they want to be their captain.

The current teams for varsity soccer and volleyball have some of the youngest teams South has ever had. Both teams are having winning seasons and both look to make runs for the state championship.

Katrina Kaltiflieter, senior, said, “Andi Elley, Bri Bartosh, Allison Sadler and Emily Day are stepping up to the plate as sophomores on varsity.”

Future freshman and sophomores are awaiting their senior year in anticipation for being selected as a captain and leader of their team.

How would you handle the duty of leading the team? Zach Nay, freshman, answered, “I would make it my responsibility to have every player on the team giving 100 percent, all of the time by keeping everyone focused.”

As each season approaches it is the duty of the captain to rally guys and girls to come to tryouts and preseason workouts to make the team as good as it can possibly get.

Leaders must set goals for your team whether it be to get better every day of win many titles such as state, districts, conference or sectionals.

Goals are important to set because it helps give the team something to look forward to and makes them work hard each and everyday to achieve those goals.

Allison Sadler, sophomore, said, “My goal for being a captain would be to win districts and compete highly at sectionals. Also for our team to bond and become one big family.”

A captain is almost as important as being the coach. Even though coaches “run” the team, captains do such too.

Captains must get to know the players personally, mentor other players, organizes the team, and always be positive. Leaders can never be hurtful to other teammates because it will just bring the team down.

Derek Jeter is refereed to as “The Captain”. He has played for the Yankees all 19 years in the MLB. He is a mentor for all other baseball players in the world for his attitude, heart and motivation.

When the game comes down to one play the captain is the one who needs to make the play when it really matters. Captains are the ones who take the deciding penalty kick, who are in the last seconds of a tie game, who shoot the game winning free throw, and who step up to the plate with bases loaded and needing to score a run.

That is how captains, futures and teams are made.