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People have many different things they love about fall


Red, yellow, orange and brown is what you see when you look at the ground. The leaves are changing color and the weather is getting colder. The pumpkin patches, corn mazes, and apple orchards are opening and there are new activities to do with your family.  The smell of cinnamon apples fill your home.


Many people think that fall is the best time of year, and a lot of people like the same things. Other people like drinking hot drinks like tea, coffee, and hot cocoa and wearing sweaters.


“My favorite drink is hot cocoa because it makes you feel all warm when it’s cold outside,” said Danyelle Chiles, sophomore.


Not a lot of people said coffee for their favorite drink of fall.


“Peppermint mocha, oh my god I can’t wait to drink it,” said Krishna Rajyaguru, senior.


Oversized sweaters, leggings, and scarfs are very popular in the fall.


“I have a scarf collection. It takes up a whole shelf on my closet,” said Rajyaguru.


Two people had something in common about what they wanted to carve on a pumpkin, because both had to do with American Horror Story.


“Umm, Even Peters because he’s the best,” said Alysa Bartlett, sophomore.

American Horror Story is one of the really popular TV shows in the fall.


“The American Horror Story logo,” said Chiles.


The last two people had completely different different ideas on what they would put on their pumpkin.


“John Mayer because he’s amazing,” said Dominique Jean, senior.


Rajyaguru has a totally different idea on what she wants her pumpkin to be like.


“A scary pumpkin with a scary face carved out with lights in it,” said Rajyaguru.


Most people said something to do with pie for their favorite fall foods.


“Pie, I love pies during the fall time it’s the best time to eat pie,” said Jean.


Many people love fall because there are different activities and memories they have.


“Me and Lucie raked up a huge pile of leaves and jumped into it multiple times. It was very fun when we were kids and were very energetic,” said Rajyaguru.

Bartlett has different memories that make her smile.

“A haunted hay ride, I was with one of my friends and we went to her aunts house and we had s’mores then we went on the haunted hay ride and it was super scary someone came up behind me with a chainsaw,” Said Bartlett.

So pull out your scarves and jackets and get outside to enjoy the cool weather and beautiful autumn scene. Drink hot cocoa to make you feel warm during those chilly days.