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Domestic Violence Brings a Charge to Local League

The domestic violence charges around the NFL have made it difficult for fantasy football players to have successful drafts and have high scoring seasons.

A few players in particular have made a great impact. Adrian Peterson is set to come back into the league next Sunday and Ray Rice is suspended for the whole season.

Players in a local freshman fantasy league have not been affected by these crimes and are looking good.

Joe Badalucco said, “I have not and I won’t be because I am going to win the league just like every other year.”

Some freshman have been affected by these charges though. Christian Holferty drafted Ray Rice and now he is last in his league.

Holfery stated about the incident, “I don’t care who I draft I will work my way back up to the top no matter what it takes.”

Dominick Scudiero had a strong opinion on who will have the greatest impact on the local fantasy league.

He said, “Ray Rice definitely had the greatest impact, he is such a good runner and he is a threat everytime he has the ball in his hands.”

The players in the league who have not been affected are confident in their teams and are not looking to trade any players. However, Holferty is looking to make a big trade that will improve his team greatly and get himself out of last place and into a playoff spot.

Overall the players union is trying to resolve the domestic violence trials and get these players back on the field.