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Concussions Ruin Seasons

From getting hit by a 220 lbs. linebacker, to getting hit by a 145 lbs. defensive back. Huge hits can happen at anytime. Some players get hit so hard, the snot flies right out of them. Any hit at any time can cause a concussion.

Concussions are one of the most frequent injuries that happen in sports to grade  school athletes and all the way to pro athletes. Concussions keep athletes at all levels from being on the field, court, or rink for a long period of time. The NFL and NCAA have been working to put an end to these awful head injuries.

There has been a lot of head injuries occurring at South.

Connor Campbell, freshman football player, has suffered some vicious hits in his career as a football player.

Campbell said, “I have received a good amount of blows to the head in my career, and it is dangerous how easy it is to get a concussion. High school football should make new rules regarding concussions so they are less frequent.”

According to Merriam-Webster, a concussion is defined as a traumatic brain injury that alters the way your brain functions. The NFL has done some improvements to the league rules regarding concussions. They have made it to where any head to head contact is a penalty and the player is kicked out of the game; the new rule is called “targeting.”

Concussions can also happen in other sports besides football.

Matthew Dieleman, sophomore soccer player, has taken headshots at his career at South.

Dieleman said, “I was treated right after I collided with another player, I had to go through the five steps and take the impact test.”

The impact test is another way trainers and doctors are trying to limit concussions for all age groups. The impact test consists of memorization and symptom treatment to get players cleared and back on the field.

Gavin Redman, a freshman football player, had the easiest time with his concussion.

“All I had to do was take the impact test and I was on the field again,” he said.

Concussions can be a very serious injury that can keep athletes off the field for months at a time. High school sports have been greatly affected by these injuries and still will be no matter what kind of a equipment they come out with. Concussions are an injury that is hard to recover from and takes athletes off the field everywhere and they are still going to until something is done.