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Marching Toward Success

The Park Hill South Marching Band has been preparing for their upcoming competitions in October, in hopes of coming back home with a first place trophy.


What is this year’s show exactly? The show is called ‘Bent’,  and band director Dr. Craig Miller says the show is supposed to create an illusion of having the kids look “bent” with geometric shapes and symmetrical lines.


With the show even bigger and the music more complex, extra rehearsals and music memorization is a crucial thing Dr Miller is looking for.


“On the downside, the bad luck of the weather this past week, has been preventing the band from doing any sort of field rehearsals, pushing the band two whole weeks behind,” said Dr. Miller.

Adding stress to Dr. Miller which then creates issues for everyone else.  The band is forced to do extra rehearsal that could last for more than two hours.


Senior Drum Major Colin Miller said, “We were having a very successful year we were way ahead, but you know we kind of been plagued with the weather so that has put us a little behind, we will be able to get it out on time but it won’t be as polished as we want. ”


Every Tuesday night, band meets up at Preston Field for a two hour rehearsal trying to catch up on what they missed.


Getting the show down on time for the competitions is a huge time commitment, taking band seriously and trying to be successful is key, Miller said.


On the other hand, freshmen Alec Higgins said, “I think it will go as I expected because we practice so much.”


With their first competition coming up on Oct. 4 at 11:30 a.m., at Blue Springs,  nerves are starting to settle in for the band and band directors.


“I don’t think I will get nervous!  Just because there’s so many other people that are doing it with me, that’s it not just a huge thing,”  Higgins said.


Other opinions are being heard as well.


Dr. Miller said, “It’s hard keeping everything organized and getting people to head in the right direction, it’s like steering a ship without looking, so yeah, I might have a little bit of nerves since it’s also a bigger show.”


Even with the weather putting rehearsal time aside, the show must go on, though it may not be what they expected, but everyone still hopes of winning a first place trophy.
Miller said, “I like the show, and I hope everyone will like it too, even if you don’t relate to it, it’s still pretty rad!”