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Injury Report

South Football’s injury number is increasing more rapidly as the year goes on, from simple sprains that keep players out for maybe a game, to season-ending tragedies.

One specific person who lost out on their season was Tom Carter.

“I was at a camp at Mizzou, and I got blindsided in my shoulder.” said Carter, who ended up tearing his labrum completely in half, ending his season, and his high school football career.

Another senior whose football career was snuffed out early was Connor Reardon.

“I blitzed and put my head down, and ended up hitting the chest of an o-lineman,” said Reardon.

Reardon said he injured his neck, which has given him problems in the past, and this was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Not all of the team’s injuries are career ending though. Everett Horton,sophomore, didn’t let his concussion get in the way of him playing football. Horton said he went through a week and a half of hard physical therapy, training, and rest in order to get back on the field.

Players that have had injuries are still being affected  by past injuries.

“It still hurts, and still gives sometimes.” said Trevan Kerr when talking about his dislocated knee.

Horton said his concussion affected his play at first, but not really anymore, though he still sometimes feels dizzy when putting on a hard hit.

But how has the football team as a whole been affected by recent injuries? Many players have been stepping up in order to cover for the injured, such as Kelby Krieger,junior, and Ian Hallowell, sophomore, who share the place of freshman Landon Beynon on offensive line, as well as Jacob Thigpen, junior, who is covering for the injured senior defensive lineman Cooper Horn.

“I’m not the biggest guy, but I try my hardest, and if I do something wrong, I go hit somebody else,” said Hallowell.

South football will play Truman this Friday, and will have key players out during this game. After having a 1-4 start to the season, this is a must-win game in order to prove themselves as a legitimate contender in their district. They must be able to conquer these injuries, execute well, and work better as a team in order to succeed and overcome adversity.