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Homecoming: Freshmen Drama

In a freshmen student’s life, Homecoming seems to be a time of stress and drama. Between the fact that it’s their first high school dance and their first time planning and preparing for a real dance, students put a lot of importance on the right dress, shoes and date.

Although the Homecoming Dance will arrive this Saturday Sept. 27, it seems that little else has been talked about since the first week of school. Topics such as about what to wear, where to eat, who’s asking who, before and after parties and perfect pictures have all been discussed throughout every day.

“Everybody wants to know who’s going to ask who and people say they’re going to ask someone and then don’t,” said Lia Fricke, freshman student.

For boys, drama is more about how to ask girls rather than outfits and pictures.

Logan Card, freshmen, said, “Most guys normally ask people they know, so a bigger challenge is trying to figure out how to ask.”

So does this drama only occur to freshmen or is it something to deal with through every year of high school? Some older students believe that homecoming gets easier after you have some experience.

Alysa Bartlett , sophomore, said, “It’s less stressful because you know what to do and what you have to get and it’s not as nerve racking.”

A few freshman also have hope that it will get better.

Madison Flynn, freshman, also believes this, as she said, “We’ll know a lot more people and fit in.”

So although freshmen students have made a lot of drama related to homecoming, everyone is looking forward to it.

“It’s just a lot of drama, but it will turn out good in the end,” says Lia Fricke.