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Behind the Scenes of Homecoming

When you walk into the dance Saturday Sept. 27 you will see the school lit up in red, white and blue.Some of the decorations are a  huge mural of America painted as a flag, and several flyers that have famous America quotes that are tweaked to fit South, an example is ”Give me Homecoming or give me death” The school is filled with decorations at school dances, but how does it all get there?

Student Council is the creator, designer, maker and about everything else.  Months in advance the council comes together to vote for one theme for every dance.  This year the council voted for “America.”

Once the theme has been decided, it is time to get out the drawing board.  There is one committee, which holds about five students, and they plan out what the dance should look like and what needs to be made.

“ With the new theme this year, we really had to brainstorm and think outside the box to get a creative, classy take on America,” said Kyria Hood, sophomore on decorations committee.

Though only a few collaborate for ideas, the entire STUCO works together one night to get all the decorations drawn, cut and painted.  Mackenzie Stout, STUCO president, explained that they divide up the jobs to certain people and the right amount of people to be the most efficient.

When it comes to the day of the dance, all decorations are done and ready to be hung up.  It is still a  jam packed day for council members.

Stout said,” It makes the day reeeaally stressful and time cramped.”

The members have to put up decorations the morning of the dance from 9 a.m. to usually a little after 1 p.m. So members only have a few hours to get ready for the dance that night.

No matter the limited time and stress, South agrees that STUCO always gets it done very well.

Shay Jackson,senior, said “ I’m always impressed with what the student council accomplishes with the dances; they transfer the school to a really fun night!”