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Panthers Beat Broncos

Last Friday, August 22nd, the Park Hill South Panthers hit the road to take on the Lee’s Summit North Broncos. Having two new coordinators and only three returning starters the Panthers were going to have something to prove. With the Rage Cage roaring in the background, Set

h Hudson (Junior) kicked the ball to officially start the 2014-2015 football season.

“Offense moved the ball really well.” “We made multiple mental errors that we will overcome with time,” said Alfoncio Rand, Junior. Those mental mistakes were exactly what killed the first two drives into the redzone. But on the third drive of the game the Panthers were able to overcome those mistakes and put Seth Hudson into position to punch in a field goal to make the score 3-0 Panthers.


The score remained 3-0 until the Broncos drove the field and scored a passing touchdown to start off the second half making the score 7-3 Broncos. But that didn’t affect the Panthers morale and they were able to rally and drive down to the 10 yard line. Senior QB Shaefer Schuetz was then able to connect with sophomore WR Jacob Springer for a touchdown. The Panthers were not able to make the extra point leaving the score 9-7 Panthers.


After the touchdown, Hudson sent a booming kick to the three yard line where the Broncos returner caught the ball and broke through the first wave of Panthers getting to the 44 yard line before Tanner McClaran, senior,  was able to make the tackle. The Broncos then continued to drive the ball down the field scoring a rushing touchdown from the 5 yard line making the score 13-9 Broncos. The Panther offense then rallied again driving the field to the 18 yard line where Schuetz found McClaran in the back of the endozone for a touchdown. After the extra point kicked by Hudson went in that left the score at 16-13 Panthers.

“We definitely fought the whole game, and we overcame adversity,” said Connor Jones, senior. That was true because the Panther D made a final stand stopping the Broncos on 4th down from the 20 yard line. This turned the ball over to the Panthers with one minute left allowing Schuetz to knee the ball and let the clock run out ending the game.