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College Choices

Photo by Annika Rolstad
Photo by Annika Rolstad

The birds are out and the Seniors are almost free! No more waking up at six a.m each day, boring classes, or cranky teachers. Unless, you’re going to college in the fall. Some South seniors are very confident with where they’re going, why they’re going , when they’re going, and their majors.

“ I knew i wanted to do performing arts very early on,” says Miranda Brand who is going to the American Music and Drama Academy in New York, New York.

Brand started choir four years ago, acapella 3 years ago, and voice lessons on Thursdays to prepare herself. Brand says she’s “excited yet nervous” about college, even though her future is clear.

On the other hand some Seniors are positive on the college they are going to attend, but not as confident with their major.

Blake Youngdahl, student body president , knows for sure he is going to Mizzou to be close to his brother and follow his great grandfather’s legacy.

Youngdahl wants to major in social work.

“ I haven’t taken many classes to prepare my self and i didn’t know for a while what my major was,” Youngdahl says. “ I believe stuco really helped me , I’ve got to work with people as well as help them , and I love helping people.”

Then there’s the ‘typical’ Senior, George Barth. Barth is going to Arizona “to get away and a new climate.” In Arizona Barth may be doing business just for himself . On the other hand he may become a realtor, because his Dad’s a realtor.

“ I’m not to sure , but hey I got four years to figure it out! I have plenty of time to think,” he said.

Even though a huge chunk of their life is over when their final high school bell rings, these Seniors adventures isn’t over. There is still much to see, much to learn, and much to decide. Whether they know for sure or haven’t worked out all the details, the college experience is fast approaching for these students.

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