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The Hassles of College Housing

largeSOUTHCollege is just around the corner and deadlines are coming up. Probably one of the biggest contracts regarding a students college life is their housing contract.

Housing bids became available for the University of Missouri yesterday at 4:00, and was open until 11:55.

Bridget Welch participated in the ROAR process.

“It’s pretty much a first come first serve depending on when you got accepted,” she said. “You would see what was available and then put down your preference, and if it was available you would get that room.”

Some dormitories were booked in fewer than six minutes where other dorms are still open for booking.

A handful of South Seniors are going to Mizzou next year, and a lot of them are rooming together.

“I’m rooming with Maddie Putnam, a girl from Kearney and a girl from Liberty in the Respect Dorm Suites,” said Welch.

While a majority of the girls are rooming together, a lot of males attending Mizzou plan on formally rushing once they reach Mizzou and staying in the fraternity house they pledge to.

But even if the dorm a student desired wasn’t available there is a hefty chance when summer starts that that dorm will be available due to the massive amounts of school choices changing and kids moving in Greek homes such as a sorority or fraternity house.

ROAR gave South Students attending in the fall a reality check on how close college really was for them.

“ROAR really put into reality how soon I’ll be moving to Columbia and I can’t wait to be suitemates with Bridget!” said Maddie Putnam.

All in all, housing can be very stressful for anybody who doesn’t get the housing they desire. But in the end we all end up in the same place, that we’ve been dreaming of for years… College!