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Royals Opening Day

royals opening dayThe start of spring means one thing for a lot of people: Opening Day for baseball. As the wait for the umpire to say the two words that starts off the game.

April 4, 2014 is the day all Royals fans are waiting for. Most will be tailgating in the Kauffman parking lot, and slowly starting to make their way in before the 3:10 game starts.

Kauffman Stadium is going on its 42nd season being one of the “crown jewel ballparks of Major League Baseball,” according to

Many South students take part in this soon-to-be American holiday. Missing school for this event is not thought to be a big deal as many schools take field trips to Kauffman stadium, also known as “the K”, on Opening Day.

Junior, Carter Hedrick said, “Yes, I’m going [to Opening Day] because it’s a lot more fun than school and I’m a huge Royals fan.”

Andrew Troha, sophomore, also a major baseball fan, said he wishes he was going to Opening Day, but still plans on going to a lot of games this season.

Baseball games are much more than just the actual nine inning game. Tailgating is a major part of every sports game, especially baseball because the weather is starting to get nice.

“My favorite part is tailgating with a bunch of friends before the game. Usually we bring a grill and sometimes a tv to ‘the K’ parking lot to watch the game if we don’t have tickets,” Hedrick said.

Most tailgaters don’t even make it into the game, like Hedrick. It’s an inexpensive way to still be at the game, but not inside. For most, games are all about tailgating and it doesn’t where they watch the game from.

Lauren Terrell, sophomore, said, “I think people like tailgating because it kind of gets you pumped up before the game.”

The Royals haven’t been known to be one of the top Major League Baseball teams, although they did surprisingly good last year. This is looking to be a good year for them, an aritcle by Dick Kaege on said. Many are hoping that they can surprise us like the Chiefs did with their winning streak last season.

Also according to the article by Kaege, the big goal for the 2014 season is to score more runs.

“I think they’re going to take second in the division and miss the wildcard,” Hedrick said. “I also plan on going to plenty of games this year; as many home games that I can make it to.”

Troha had the same thoughts as Hedrick as he said he thinks they have a great team this year and are going to do great.

“Let’s play ball!” These are the favorite words of every baseball fanatic; letting you know the game is about to start, and it’s officially baseball season.