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Mechanical Pencils Versus Number Two Pencils

pencilWhen it comes to writing, drawing, or scribbling on paper, you always have a preference for a pencil, that you may call your ‘favorite’. You could be writing notes or a test and there’s always a writing tool, that you always use.

Mechanical pencils: you don’t have to get up during a test to go sharpen your pencil, you just have to make sure you have enough lead to take your test. It makes you feel like writing is easier. A downside to mechanical pencils, is once your eraser is gone, its gone. The eraser is hard to get out if you used it all to where you can’t use it.

Number two pencils: you have to constantly get out of your seat and sharpen your pencils. Since no one really uses number two pencils, they stare at you as you sharpen your pencil, causing you to feel really awkward. It also makes me mad, when I sharpen a number two pencil and I touch the tip and it breaks off. The only good thing I can really say about number two pencils is the eraser lasts way longer than a mechanical pencil’s eraser does.

Mechanical pencils are chosen over number two pencils because you don’t have to get up and interrupt the class. Also, not having a pencil sharpener at home will make doing homework at home hard. Take a note on this, mechanical pencils are best!