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Front Row Friday’s

“Take me out to the ball game…” When you think of that song, it automatically makes you crave peanuts and Cracker Jacks. What if you could have all of that at a baseball game, along with a TGI Friday’s menu?

            TGI Friday’s is a bar and grill that is all over the United States, including the Diamond Backs Baseball Stadium in Phoenix, AZ.

“It is the best food I have ever had at a baseball game, I will come here for every home opener and reserve seats on the patio,” said local Steve Carney.

            This particular restaurant is in the stadium, but open to the public daily. Every window shows a panoramic view of the field and there are even dining options on the patio, in the crowd.

            “I was recently in Arizona and ate here. The food was great and the scenery was fantastic. I had a great time, I just wish there was an actual game on, but that costs more,” said Jordan Booth, senior.

            The prices do go up to reserve a seat for game day–as high as $375 for the best seat near the audience with a bundled discount on all food, and as low as $80 for an intimate table for two inside by the window.

            “I have always been jealous of the people eating on the patio. They have the best seats in the house, along with the best food. I used to live in Arizona and I would go to some of the games, but we never experienced the game on that level,” said Eric Kinn, senior.

            This is one experience of baseball that many locals, along with tourists  enjoy and continue to utilize. Why just stick with crackerjacks and peanuts, when you could have a whole variety menu plus drinks?