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Effects of Sports

Some people think sports are just for fun, some people do sports in their free time, but to some people, sports are life.

Parents have their kids start sports at such a young age. Patrick Sparks, Sophomore, said that he started playing at the very young age of four, starting with T-Ball and little league baseball.

Mallory Tragger, Sophomore says, “I’ve danced since I can remember. I started when every other girls dream-including me- was to be a ballerina.”

Although it is probably the parent’s choice what activities their children are in, the kids seem to grow up loving them. Most want to spend a majority of their lives in these activities.

Brandon Rice,Sophomore that he loves it and he never gets tired of football, although it does takes up much of his time.

Homework and test prep is something any average high school students struggle with no matter what. Then adding in sports and extracurricular activities after school and what time do you have for it?

Rice says, “I really struggle with turning in homework during the season. I just don’t have time to do it all.”

Sparks agrees that it takes up lots of time.

To play sports at South or stay on the team kids have to keep average grades. With practices and game though,some may say its hard to maintain that.

“I would say dance takes up at least eight hours, easily, a week,” Tragger says.

Most people said that they would want to do their sport all through high school and maybe play in college. Nobody really plans on going pro.

So in the end although high school sports might not mean somthing to some, some may even say its a waste, others find it to be their whole world.