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When Nerves Do the Talking

Butterflies in your stomach, sweaty palms and racing thoughts. Each move, glance and smile is a risky one. What else makes people this nervous?

Nothing else other than the first date.

First dates are the start of something beautiful and everyone has a different view on how to make the night perfect.

Some people would love to have a cute simple date. Some want a perfectly planned out romantic, candlelit dinner, while others might just want to be with the person even if it means they just sit and talk for hours.

“I would love to go mini golfing then after go eat pizza at a little parlor,” says Tehya Eno, sophomore.

Simple dates might not be enough though. A nice romantic dinner with flowers and classical music playing, followed by a late night walk in the park leaves plenty of spare time to have an engaging conversation, to laugh, share interest/hobbies and just bond in general.

“Going out to a fancy restaurant and,” Levi Guzan, sophomore, said, pausing to take a quick laugh of embarrassment, “then going home to cuddle and watch a movie.”

What if they don’t want to spend that much money? Just go to a simple area and make the best of it with each others company. Or go somewhere cheap and make it fun by doing something courageous.

“Just a simple date will do it for me,” says Haley Williamson, sophomore, with a small smile on her face. “Just going ice skating would be perfect. Spending time with someone while doing something I love would be super fun.”

But what is expected behavioral wise on the first date? Depending on the particular date, boundaries are set to the environment. In public people may have a restriction on what is appropriate and what’s not.

“In the movie theater, I see people kissing and I understand as long as you’re quiet and no children are around,” said Alyssa Peck, sophomore, said, ending her sentence with a roll of her eyes. “But if you’re in the park, holding hands is highly appropriate and expected for a guy to hold a girl’s hand.”

From a guys’ perspective the boundaries/ expectations may be different from a girls’ perspective. The guy is usually the one who enitals the first move in everything for the first dates, typically.

“I think the pressure is all on the guy. The girl just has to stand there and be all cute while the guy calls most of the shots. We just test the waters and try not and go too far or go too fast,” said Jacob Johnston, sophomore.

No matter where or how the date goes, by the end of the night all the nerves will be gone. That’s the point of a first date, to get to know each other and make the best out of whatever you’re doing.