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What Makes South Special

Photo by Hudson Welty
Photo by Hudson Welty

What makes South special to you? The people, academics, athletics, sense of community and school spirit could all be used to describe why South is a special place to work and learn.

South is special to people in many different ways. From custodians to students, everyone has at least one reason why South is special to them. Exploring those reasons will show how special South is to its students and staff.

The people in and around South make this school special.

“I really enjoy the people I work with and the students I teach,” said Callie Colvin, art. “I enjoy being able to live in the community with the kids I teach.”

Students agree with teachers on this point.

“The people at school are the reason I try to come every day,” said sophomore Jalen Randall.

The people at South are a big reason why this school has transformed into a nationally known school.

“I’ve seen Park Hill South transform from a muddy hillside to a nationally recognized school of excellence,” said Principal Dr. Dale Longenecker. “South is a great place for kids to go to school and it’s a great place to work.”

Students from different backgrounds have come together at South to make it a special school.

“The students make Park Hill South special because of all the different ethnicities, cultures, and backgrounds coming together to make one community,” said custodian Dana Boschert. “Everyone takes care of one another.”

The sense of community and school pride is very important in the school environment. South’s school spirit is another reason why students love coming to school.

“I really love how much school spirit there is,” said senior Claire Friedlund. “It made sporting events much more fun to participate in whether I was playing or in the stands cheering.”

Even students from other schools would agree that South’s school spirit is much better than their own school.

“A lot of people from Staley think that South’s spirit is almost over the top,” said Jackson Reid, a senior at Staley. “You guys have a lot of school spirit, and I think that is really cool.”

Many students would agree that South’s spirit comes from their ability to do well in the classroom.

“I think the administrators allow us privileges like starting a student section because of how well we do as a school academically,” said senior Matthew Knight. “Without a doubt I think this school is better than it was when I got here when it comes to spirit.”

Knight is one of the founders of the school’s student section, known as the “Rage Cage.”

South’s sense of community has come from the school’s ability to do well academically, which then translates directly into more school spirit, with more students caring about what goes on around South.

Whether it be a custodian, student, teacher, or even administrator, there is no doubt that South is special to everyone in some way.