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Springing Into Sports


Spring. A time for flowers, warmer weather, and even better, spring sports.

With Missouri weather, you can never be too sure exactly what season it is. One day you’re shoveling snow off of tennis courts and the next day your feet are burning from running on a hot track. The only way to know for sure it’s spring is when the spring sports are underway.

“My favorite part of spring sports is how there is always a lot of people there that you know,” said Westley King, senior.

The first day of tryout week started for the sports teams last Tuesday. Girls soccer, boys tennis, boys and girls track, and boys baseball are all now well underway.

JD Nassab, is a sophomore on the varsity tennis team for the second year in a row. He has been playing tennis for several years before high school tennis.

“I like tennis because it’s fast paced, and my team members are some excellent people,” said Nassab.

Nassab expects the team to try their hardest and hopefully their effort leads to good things throughout the season.

“Soccer is a good way to stay in shape and have some fun too,” said Vivian Brockman, sophomore.

This is Brockman’s second year playing soccer, and also her second year on the C team. Brockman explained that a new change to the teams were made this year where a second C team was added. A high and low C team were made because of the number of girls trying out and the different skill levels of the girls.

King has been on the track team for four years, and runs mostly JV for the team. He enjoys running with all his different friends he has met.

“I think the team will do good this year because we have some really good seniors coming back and also some of the freshman are alright,” said King.

Teams prepare to the best of their ability getting ready for the exciting events ahead, and all they can do is hope for warm weather and successful seasons. South spring sports are here.