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South Falls Out

South's basketball team. Contributed by Hudson Welty
South’s basketball team. Contributed by Hudson Welty

Going into Saturday’s district championship basketball game the South Panthers were 2-0 against the Park Hill Trojans in the season.

Obviously, the fans of the team were optimistic about South winning and capping off a season sweep against the rivals from the north.

However, when the final buzzer sounded the number one seeded Panthers had lost by the score of 42-41 to the second seeded Trojans.

Naturally, the fans and players alike were devastated.  South senior, Corey Land, was at the game and experienced the feeling first hand.

“I’ve never been more upset about losing a game than I did after Saturday,” Land said, “It was just awful that our last game we lost to Park Hill.”

It even set in worse for the players, especially the seniors who have been very successful in their years at  South. Payton Meek, senior, is proud of how the season turned out, but disappointed in the outcome of the last game.

“They [Park Hill] played a great game so we have to give some credit to them. We both played good games, it’s just that we didn’t come through in the end,” Meek said.

Meek is also very proud of how he, as well as the six other seniors, left their mark on South basketball for years to come. From their sophomore season to now they have had seasons of 17, 19, and 21 wins.

“We left our mark, hopefully,” Meek explained. “A 21 win season is pretty good, so there isn’t much we could have done better on, other than making it to State, which was our goal.”

Rick Zych, head coach, agreed with Meek.

“They were one of the better classes I have had in all my years of coaching,” Zych said. “The current underclassmen will be just fine because of the good leaders they have had in their time playing with these seniors. It just didn’t end how we wanted.”

Finishing with a 21-6 record for the 2013-14, the South Panthers boys basketball team has a lot to be proud of. With the Rage Cage’s help, the team had a successful season, and look to continue it in the years to come.