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Snow Days

SNOW DAY!People were so excited when they received the notice that school was cancelled due to weather.  The word was spread over Facebook and Twitter. Everyone was ready for a snow day or two.

But after four snow days the excitement seemed to be waning.

Ben Hammler, a senior, said, “I love them because no matter how many we have I get out the same day no matter what.”

For most seniors this is a pretty universal theme, as many of them were still excited when they found out school had been canceled for the fifth time this year. But for underclassmen there was a change in the tone.

Chad Thetford, a junior, said, “I’m over snow days. I’d rather go to school now than in June”.

He had a strong opinion about getting out on May 16 regardless of how many snow days were taken.

“I don’t like it but it is how it is and I can’t change it,” he explained, “but I’ll have my turn next year.  It all evens out in the end.”

Many underclassmen look forward to the day when they can have five-plus snow days and  still get out early, but for administrators it amounts to stress.  Canceling class affects not only the students but parents, teachers and staff as well.

“The bottom line is the safety of our students,” explains Nicole Kirby, Director of Communication for the Park Hill District.  “A lot goes into the decision making process, but safety is our number one priority”.

People have stopped looking on Twitter for school cancellation notices. Now they are looking forward to spring and summer.