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Rugby Season Kicks Into Gear

rugby The 2014 South rugby season has finally kicked off.

It has been a much anticipated season following the great success of their 2013 season. The 2013 rugby team took second at State and traveled to Elkart, Indiana for Nationals, where they placed fifth in the country.

This seaso,n not as many came out for try-outs as they did last year, but the team is still packed with talent and has a lot of returning starters such as seniors Dylan Worth, Isaiah Jones and Logan Gillespie. Jones was voted as captain and said this year he plans on leading his team to a lot of victories.

Not a lot of people know how the game of rugby is played or what it means to the players. People normally just think of rugby as a knock-off version of football, but what they do not know is that rugby is way more physical than football, has more rules to it and the rules are very different from football. According to players, there is also a brotherhood that is built with all of your teammates.

The guys are practicing every day of the week which mean a ton of running. When there is running involved that means a lot of the people’s wills are tested and it shows where their hearts are and how committed they are to getting better. There are going to be some people who are going to have a really tough time completing that task and that is where teammates help each other push through that wall and persevere to get to the finish line.

After going through that for weeks and the grind of have a lot of practices before the first actual game, athletes build a  strong relationship with teammates and they end up becoming basically brothers on and off the field, according to Worth.

Just off of the recent success that the team had last year, the guys are pumped for the success to come. The team has set goals for this season; this year they want to win State and finish the season be known as the greatest Park Hill South team to ever walk the school’s halls.