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Missouri or Misery?

Move-to-Missouri-Road-Welcome-SignHave you been feeling down in the dumps lately? Depressed, lazy, miserable? Could it be a recent break up, school stress, or is it Missouri?

Wait, what?

Yep, that’s right. According to a survey taken in 2013 by the Gallup-Healthways well-being index poll, Missouri ranked number eight on the 10 most miserable states list.

A poll including 179,072 people was taken, asking questions with topics about purpose (liking what you do), social standings (relationships), financial standings (relates to amount of stress), community (feeling safe and liking where you live) and physical health.

For example, usually when things like amount of smokers increase, the amount of people who are depressed and have poor physical health also increase. Vise versa, states with people who run every day have better physical and emotional health rates and even higher incomes.

Senior Jordan Engle moved to Missouri just three years ago from Michigan because of his dad’s job.

“I was upset at first. I thought Missouri was just a bunch of rednecks and farms, and was really southern,” Engle said. “I like it more now, but Michigan will always be home.”

He said that he will probably continue living in Missouri after high school because the good education, friends and the food.

“I wouldn’t say it’s the eighth worst state, but it’s definitely not number one,” Engle said.

Sophomore Nehal Sutariya also moved from Michigan at the age of six due to her dad getting a job at Cerner. However she feels differently than Engle about living in Mo.

Sutariya said,  “It’s boring, it’s annoying, and it has horrible weather and food. The difference between Missouri and Michigan is that Missouri sucks and Michigan is great!”

She went on to say that after high school she will be probably be leaving Missouri going back to Michigan for college

But it isn’t necessarily just the food and weather that makes Missouri so undesirable.

The overall well being score of Missouri was 64.5 putting it at the eighth lowest state. The life expectancy was 77.5 years (11 lowest), obesity was at 29 percent (14 highest) and the median household income was $45,321 (14 lowest).

Despite these low standings, not everyone agrees.

Sophomore Hannah Carlson has lived in Missouri her whole life and said, “Yeah, I like Missouri because it’s where I grew up and I actually like having the change in weather so you get the best of both worlds.”

Carlson said some of her favorite memories are from Royals and Chiefs games that she goes to every year.

“Once at a Royals game I got to be on the big screen for dancing and that was really cool! But I didn’t go to a Chiefs game this year so I just yelled at the T.V. from my house,” Carlson said.

After high school Carlson said she will most likely stay in-state for college so that way she is far enough from home while still being close.

While Missouri is suited for some people, it’s definitely not for everyone. So it’s for you to decide- is it Missouri or Misery?