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College Life

College is a life experience that most seniors want to have. It is a place where you can learn from not only the classes themselves but can learn from other students. College is a social gathering where people can find themselves and make life long lasting friends. But with over thousands of colleges in the U.S., where do you go?

There are many colleges in the state of Missouri. There are community colleges, junior colleges, division II and III colleges, but there is one main college that Missouri is recognized for: The University of Missouri.

The University of Missouri has a lot to offer. The majors run anywhere from being one of the top journalism schools in the nation to offereing business degrees.

“I chose a big university because I want that big university experience,” said senior Chris Nelson. “I chose Mizzou because I knew that I would get in.”

Although Missouri may be close, the quality of the campus also plays a very important role in the decision making process.

“It was down betweeen the Mizzou and ASU, and I utlimately chose ASU.” said senior Haiden Norman who will be attending Arizona State University in the fall of 2014. “It was nicer and newer there. It felt right when I visited ASU.”

Missouri is only three hours away and that could be a good addition for some, but for others the school may just be a little too close for comfort.

“None of the schools around here really fit me that well. Michigan is where I grew up and I feel at home when I’m there,” said senior Joey Panella. “Missouri just isn’t the place for me to go to school.”

Location may play a card in the decision making process, but the overall quality of the education may play the biggest role when choosing a college.

“Eckerd has a really good Chinese program and an international business program,” said senior Joel Overfelt. “I feel that Eckerd will set up me up for want I want to do for the rest of my life and that is why I chose it.”

South seniors have no idea what the future has in store for them. They could become businessmen, political figures, or they could even become famous celebrities. They all have their whole lives ahead of them. But in order to start their future, they have to take the first step. And for a lot of seniors, the first step may just be where they decide to go to college.