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SSG Take State

news photoThe Park Hill South Dance Team, also known as the SSG, took on State Feb. 15 at the Kemper Arena in Kansas City, Mo.

The weeks leading up to State were filled with long practices, and final preparations. The hard work and dedication that they put into the team and the dances made the team stronger many would say.

Sophomore Hannah Winkler said, “The past couple of weeks we have spent three to four hours after school to work on dances and making sure everything was just perfect.”

The practices made everyone very tired and worn out, but hopefully paid off.

Winkler also said, “[The practices] were very rough, and oftentimes did not make us or our bodies feel good. By the end of the week everyone was tired and worn out with no energy left.”

That didn’t stop them from bringing everything they had to the floor and showing everyone what they had worked so hard for.

The weeks leading up to State made the team into a family, many would say.

Freshman, Allie Hickey said, “The past couple of weeks have really made us into a family; I don’t think you will find another school sponsored team with a closer bond then we have. Everyone is always so encouraging and we lift each other up.”

Although the dance team did not win first at State, they took home fifth and many of the girls were very satisfied with that.