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Life After Swim

Photo by Lauren Bryant
Photo by Lauren Bryant

As of Feb. 8,  more than half of the Park Hill South Girls Swim and Dive Team put down their goggles and swim suits for a while. They had to stop having all of their days planned out by their coach and start doing normal things.

While most of the swimmers that are on break right now have to start practices with their normal teams soon, some of them are just taking their sweet time on their time off.

When Madi Blinzler, sophomore, said, “I usually go look at pictures of Jack Gillinsky and eat ice cream.”

Although Blinzler says she has fun doing that, she said she missed the swimming world because she was always, “with her girls.”

Along with Blinzler, Ellie Stoker, freshman, also misses the swimming world.

“The people are easier to deal with and it was better than club team,” she said.

Even though both of them said they miss it, Amanda Smith, one of the team captains and senior, said she did not miss it that much because it had “too much drama.”

Smith did have a good season though, in the end she got some of her personal bests.  However, she wasn’t the only one who did well as most of the team got their personal bests and even took home their 13th consecutive win for their Conference division.

So, while the girls are taking their sweet time, they are also waiting around and getting ready for the next season to start so they can hopefully take home their 14th win.