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Flapping Away?

The number one app on app stores , gone in 22 hours: Flappy Birds.

Dong Nguyen the creator of Flappy bird gave 22 hour notice before removing the app.  on Feb. 10. Nguyen said on Twitter, “ I couldn’t handle it anymore.”

Making more than $50,000 in revenue each day from many many users, What do these users think?
Three South students Tyler Snowden, Amanda Hawn, and Kenzi Kindle express their love or hate towards the addictive game

Snowden says he despises the game on a personal level. He says it shouldn’t of been taken off the app store.

“It’s just a game,” he said.

Snowden says “ It’s a horrible game. It’s made for you to fail. It’s a game straight from Satan. By the way you can have your game back now Satan.”

Hawn on the other hand says shes a “closet addict” to Flappy Bird. Hawns high score is 29 and took her days to achieve it.

Hawn says “ The pipes aren’t big enough! Why would they do this to us ?”

Kindle, someone who plays but doesn’t love Flappy Bird, has a high score of seven and says “ This game sucks its hard; all you do is hit the stupid green pipes. The worst part is you enjoy it.”

Google Play and the Apple app store have two completely different views on recreations of Flappy Bird. Apple will not allow anything with “flappy” in the title while Google Play allows “flappy” in their titles, according to NBC news.

Flappy Bird has not died. In fact Facebook is allowing you to get the original Flappy Bird back onto Facebook. Many recreations have been created in the mean time, Flappy Bird may come back to all app stores before we know it.