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Eyes on the Olympics

Sochi Olympics Picture First StoryThe Winter Olympics are underway and people all across the world are taking notice. But how much are the students at South watching and what games are they watching?

The Sochi Winter Games are down in prime-time ratings by 11 percent from the Vancouver Olympic numbers, according to NBC. However, 4.9 million more people watched the Sochi Opening Ceremony compared to the London Opening Ceremony for the Summer Olympics.

Interest from South students may have been different from the rest of the country.  Senior, Isaac Brizendine, is very interested in what is happening in Sochi.

“I’m really interested and I love cheering on my country,” he said.

Brizendine also said that hockey is his favorite Winter Olympics sport.

Senior student Brandon Benson feels the same way.

“It’s the most exciting sport to watch,” said Benson.

Benson also mentioned that while he’ll watch more during the hockey competition that his overall interest level isn’t high. He said that he wasn’t watching much.

Diana Mendez, senior, has the same viewpoint as Benson. She said that she has not watched it and that there is no interest level. That lack of interest level was due to “a lot of homework that I have to spend time on.”

Mendez also said that she liked the Winter Olympics more than the Summer Olympics because there is usually more time to watch in the winter than in the summer.

With four more days remaining in the 2014 Winter Olympics, eyes will be on Sochi to see who comes out with the most medals. How many of those eyes will be from the US and South?