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DECA takes Districts

DECA students from all over the northland competed in the annual DECA competition on Tuesday, Feb. 18.

South was one of the schools competing in this all day event held at Zona Rosa. The competition consisted of a test portion, interviews on different business topics and situational problems to solve.

Due to a lack of preparation time, the team did not do as well as they thought they might.

“I feel like we are at a disadvantage because we are only in marketing for a month before this competition and other schools have been at it since August,” said Dan Dunkin, DECA sponsor.

Rankings were posted the following day. Unfortunately, with 31 students competing from South, none placed in the top three in any category. Quite a few did however place in the top 10.

Students must place in the top three to move on to State competition held later this year. The majority of the top three in each category came from Park Hill High School.

Austin Stump said, “We were unprepared”, which basically echoed Dunkin’s feelings.

Other students agreed.

“I wished I could have done better,” commented senior Hayden Norman. “I would have liked to go to State.”

Many of the South competitors felt that the team was at a disadvantage for only having been in marketing for only a month. Many of the test questions and problem solving scenarios were things that had not yet been covered in class.