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Ready for Next Year

As the anxiety was settling in, 20 girls stood in the tunnel at the Hearnes Center in Columbia, Mo. waiting for “Park Hill South” to be introduced.

“Being inside of the tunnel and anticipating a first place win was making me really nervous,” says Abby Clark, junior.

Each girl was huddled in their stunt group going over counts and wishing for none of the stunts to fall. As their name was called, they walked onto the mats praying for the MCCA state title

“We have a strong team with many strengths and abilities,” said Kalie Jones, junior.

“The music started and the girls gave it their all. The routine looked as if it was perfect,” said Sarah Landram, coach.

Every stunt hit, jumps higher than their heads and tumbling in sync. As the routine came to an end, each girl had a huge smile on their face and even some were crying tears of joy.

“I am very proud of how I ended my last state competition at South because I love the team and I am so proud of how far we have accomplished,” says Kylie Hoffman, senior.

The team exited the floor into the waiting area and gave each of their teammates a hug to show their appreciation for one another. The expression on the coaches faces could not have been happier. The girls waited in the stands anxiously for the scores of their division to be announced.

The two weeks of practice containing hard work and effort wasn’t enough for the state title. Popular Bluff just edged out South by six points.

“Our team deserved first place. We worked so hard and got our hopes up high for what we couldn’t achieve,” says Hoffman.

The girls are eager for next year to make a come back and earn that first place State title.