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Fall Festivities

Photo by Ally Braymer
Photo by Ally Braymer

As Halloween creeps closer, South students get more into the fall spirit. From pumpkin patches to scary movies to hayrides, people have many different opinions on all of the activities.

Of all the things to do, going to the pumpkin patch is one of the most highly talked about activities. Many students talk about how much they love pumpkin patches, but, senior, Samantha Roy says differently.

“My boyfriend and I went last year to a pumpkin patch, and it became very boring because we got lost in a corn maze for a long time,” Roy said.

Along with Roy, other students like Ashley Pasley, sophomore, also got lost in a corn maze. Pasley talked about how she ended up by some random cows and had no idea where she was.

Many students love the pumpkin patch and have talked about how it’s their favorite fall activity. Unlike many other students, Myles and Mason McDonald throw their own Halloween party. They have a pig roast and a hayride. Myles said that the hayrides are probably his favorite part of the whole night.

Students who have attended the McDonald’s halloween get together, like Brady Smith, said, “I love how you’re able to just hang out or play hide and go seek because the McDonald’s have a lot of land.”

Other students like Hannah Brown, senior, actually have a goal to get many Halloween related activities done.

“My friends and I created a bucket list for all the fun fall activities. There’s stuff on there like going to the pumpkin patch, going for a hayride or just watching scary movies,” Brown said.

The bucket list is a good way to keep track of all of the activities to do. Sometimes it can be hard to remember all of the different things that go on. It’s also good for keeping busy.

There’s so many places to go for fall activities, with more than enough pumpkin patches, each offers something different to do.  From zip lines, to playing with kittens, to even some haunted houses, there’s a pumpkin patch that’s right for everyone.Some favorite pumpkin patches of students are Red Barn Farm in Weston, MO., Johnson Farms in Belton, MO.,  For Aliza Russell, sophomore, she loved being with the kittens at Pumpkins etc. in Platte City.

“I loved watching them run around and play with all the pumpkins and stuff. It was really cute,” Russell said.

Sometimes there is even out of the ordinary things at some pumpkin patches. Pasley talked about how there was a pig race at the last pumpkin patch she went to.

“It was definitely a different experience, but it was entertaining watching them all race,” Pasley said.

Most of the students at South love the pumpkin patch. With so many fun things to do during the fall season, it’s hard for many students to decide what is their favorite. Although it’s hard to pick a favorite, it’s very simple for students to find many different activities to do.