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1975 Album Review

matty 1975British Band ‘The 1975’ recently released their self entitiled album. If you have never come across the band before, they are truley brilliant in my opinion. They formed in 2002 in Manchester, England. However they have only recently come on to the music scene as a reputable band. They are an alternative rock/ indie rock band.

Their most popular song which is sometimes played on the radio is ‘Chocolate’, ‘The City’ is also sometimes played.

The album is already at number 1 in England. They have been compared to ‘CHVRCHES’ with a similar indipendent sound.

The Band are due to played at the Midland on the 17th Oct. as part of 97.5’s ‘Halloweenie Roast’. It was a great concert, with many other bands, such as crystal fighters and the naked and famous. The 1975 met fans after wards, which was exciting for some south students who attended. Halle Byous described how ‘He [Matty] Signed my shirt, he was so nice’

Its a great album and a great band…So go have a listen!