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When Politicians Cannot Agree

GOVERNEMTN-SHUTDOWNWhat happens when politicians can not agree, what do we get? A federal government shutdown!

What does this mean? Basically, our government could not decide on a budget for the 2013-2014 before midnight on September 30. So, non-essential government workers were not to come to work.

What’s even more sad is that they also couldn’t even agree to extend the 2012-2013 budget to decide on a budget. Not to mention the fact that part of the hold up is the Representative of the House refusing to acknowledge the people who want to end the shutdown. The way I see it he’s saying, ‘I’m not going to let the government run until you see that I’m right and you’re wrong.’

While that opinion may be a bit harsh and that it is an opinion, I believe it makes a point. The government is costing us billions of dollars with this shut down. That’s billions of dollars we don’t have.

But of course my least favorite part, the part that I’m personally the most disgusted with, is not the fact that they can not agree, but the fact that they can not even compromise. That is an essential part of our government and our politicians can not even do that much.

As a student however, I am not going to be very affected since schools are run by the state and things I interact with on a regular basis are unaffected. However, in general this is bad news for most adults. So the politicians are acting like little kids fighting over what to do at recess; only little kids would get tired after a while of fighting.