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STUCO Districts Go Overboard

photo submitted by Rachel Brown
photo submitted by Rachel Brown

Last week, South hosted STUCO Districts.  This was a convention where 35 student councils from the area gathered and learned from each other.  There were a variety of workshops that students attended to.

There is a running process that determines what school hosts districts each year.  South took home the title of president at last year’s convention.  Since they won, they had the opportunity to host this year’s districts.

“It takes a lot of work from STUCO,” said Rachel Brown, senior.  “It’s a huge honor to host it and now people will recognize South more.”

STUCO decorated the school with banners and balloons to show that South has spirit.  They even had an assembly to get everybody pumped up.  There were performances by choir and drumline.

“It was cool to experience the spirit from the other student councils,” said Bjorn Carlson, senior.  “There was huge applause and a great atmosphere.”

STUCO Districts is just one of the things South’s student council does to get new ideas and learn how to raise more spirit.