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South Soccer

Photo by Reed Portrait Group
Photo by Reed Portrait Group

Bright lights, cheering fans and the thrill of the game are all the factors that make soccer a passion for the South boys’ JV soccer team.

The Panthers played the Lee’s Summit West Titans on Oct. 22 coming off a victory on Oct. 21 against rival Park Hill.

Dan Geary, freshman on Junior Varsity, said, “We just needed to pick up where we left off from last night’s game and let that carry over.”

The boys played hard from the first whistle running hard on every play and a pure look of determination on each player’s face, but the score remained at 0-0 for most of the first half with both teams unable to score.

That was until Geary gave a good ball ahead to Tyler Pisoni. Pisoni had a shot at the goal and was able to convert the goal and allow the Panthers to take a 1-0 lead. Cheers rang out from the fans on the sideline and high fives all around.

“We thought we had them,” said Turner Hall, another freshman on JV, “but we had no teamwork second half.”

And that is exactly how a fan at the game would describe it.  In the second half the Titans were just doing whatever they wanted including a lot of shots on goal. Goalkeeper Evan Morrow, sophomore, had been able to keep the TItans from scoring until misjudging a ball and allowed them to tie it at 1-1.

South had many chances and attacks being led by Geary, Hall and Pisoni, but could never come up with another goal. This was not the case for the Titans.

Geary said, “We were still fatigued from the night before and really slowed down on defense.”

And it showed. The Panthers always seemed to be one step slow both offensively and defensively. The Titans had many attacks on goal but managed to convert another goal on a well placed ball from the right sideline and the Titans player cut it to the middle in the box and shot it into the side netting for a goal.

After the game, Hall said, “this really not the outcome I was expecting or wanted.”

This would be considered the game winning goal, leaving South falling short of a victory.

The Panthers lost this game but still have two games remaining on the season. They will take on Truman Oct. 28 and Oak Park on Oct. 31.