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Seniors Rebel Against STUCO

Photo by Erin McDaniel
Photo by Erin McDaniel

Things heat up the week of homecoming between some seniors and STUCO when one group of seniors went against STUCO and changed the Spirit Days.

The other week in Newspaper class a few students were discussing how the Spirit Days weren’t very fun. They agreed that the Spirit Days needed to be changed so they thought of all new ones and spread the word.

Once the word spread, it wasn’t long before STUCO found out about the change in school spirit. They weren’t pleased when they found out.

Blake Youngdahl, student body president and senior, said, “All we wanted to do was to create spirit.”

Youngdahl said he was a little mad since they worked so hard on the Spirit Days. However, he said that there was always room for improvement for the Spirit Days. The thing he got out of this is that he know that the student body wants a say in what the Spirit Days are.

He also said, “It hurts a little since we support everyone in the school and they didn’t support us in this one thing.”

Youngdahl thought that their spirit days weren’t bad but that they were poorly tied with the theme.

The seniors wanted to be creative too. Daria Ghasemi, sophomore, said that the themes STUCO picked were hard to get into so she and a few classmates decided to make new ones.

She also said, “I had no intention to make them mad– it was nothing against them. We didn’t have them in mind at all while making them.”

Alex Rothers, sophomore, didn’t pick either side. She said that there were some days from STUCO better but some better from the seniors too. When Rothers was told that the students might have a say in the Spirit Days, she responded positively.

Rothers said, “It’s not Newspaper’s position to create spirit days. If STUCO created the Spirit Days that Newspaper wanted, they still wouldn’t participate in them.”