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Movie Madness-Underrated Classic-Cabin in the Woods

Movie Madness LogoReaders; there’s an injustice happening in the world of film and I am upset. Movies that don’t get respect. Starting now, every once in a while, I will be posting a review of a film that is overwhelmingly underrated. To start off is “Cabin in the Woods”, a 2012 horror film starring mostly unknown actors. And what better time to review it then the start of October?

To start off, “Cabin” is one of the best horror movies I’ve ever seen. It breaks the mold of your typical horror movie, that has a slasher story, or somebody that comes back to haunt a town. This is the story of a group of friends coming from a wide variety of backgrounds to travel to a cabin up in the woods. Of course, things are going to go horribly wrong. But what the characters don’t know is that what is happening is being controlled by a corporation that sends all sorts of different monsters to locations all over the world to attack people. It is truly a fantastic concept.

Highlighting the story is exceptional performances, notably by Fran Kranz as nerdy stoner, Marty. Richard Jenkins plays one of the executives in charge of the operation. He’s excellent. Chris Hemsworth (ladies, you’ve probably heard of him) is also great. In fact, every actor in the film does a remarkable job, but most notably these three.

What makes this special is the elements of comedy thrown in. The movie has its scarier moments, but there is definitely some comic relief here. For example;

Sitterson: Oh, man, I’m sorry.

Hadley: He had the conch in his hands!

Sitterson: I know. In a couple more minutes, who knows what might have happened. Yes.

Hadley: I am never gonna see a merman. Ever.

Sitterson: Dude, be thankful. Those things are terrifying. And the cleanup on them is a nightmare.”

An added bonus is the wonderful CGI/animation/makeup department. The monsters all look genuine.

What I am saying here is. If you’re in the mood for a fantastic horror movie (and who isn’t during the month of October?) you need to check out this movie.