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Movie Madness: The Greatest Halloween Movies ever Made

Movie Madness LogoIt’s that time of year. Pumpkins, haunted houses, hay barrel rides. And how could I forget scary movies? Lately I’ve been posting a lot of Halloween related movie postings but this is the king of all of them. The three best Halloween movies ever made.

1)      Halloween, 1978

Michael Myers. The scariest villain in any scary movie in this writer’s humble opinion. The man in the mask comes back to his birthplace for a little murder. The film co-stars the excellent Donald Pleasance and Jamie Lee Curtis. There are great performances, jump out of your seat moments and a chilling theme song. This movie is a nightmare, and I mean that as the highest form of a compliment.

2)      The Shining, 1980

Jack Nicholson is scary enough as it is. But then make him a psycho who wants to murder his family. Yikes. He churns out one of his best performances in this chilling thriller. The great Stanley Kubrick directed this masterpiece and with great cinematography from John Alcott, it’s visually gorgeous. It’s super creepy and I love watching it alone. Then again, I watch every movie alone. Anyone reading this wanna watch with me? Nope, okay.

3)      Nightmare on Elm Street, 1984

This was the first scary movie I ever watched. And it’s safe to say that I didn’t sleep in my bed for a week. Freddy Krueger can give anyone nightmares. It sparked quite a few sequels, none of which lived up to the legend this film created. Though the reputation of the entire series is negative, this is the gold standard of the films. Truly terrifying.