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Match Point!

Photo by Charlie McFarlane
Photo by Charlie McFarlane

    This year has brought upon a challenge among the girls tennis team. Three returners for varsity eliminate open spots for underclassmen to reach the top spots. This causes excitement for the bottom three spots as it could change each week.

    For the tennis girls, talent comes naturally but when another teammate wants to move up they must challenge the person for the spot. This is why the bottom three spots transition so much because everybody is challenging all the time. With a roster stacked with experienced players, competition could come bitter between the teammates.

    Rachel Brown, senior, assures that, “Were all friends and all hang out with each other.”

    Rachel, who is returning from varsity, has become one of south’s elite players. But has now a new threat to deal with in the team. Suzanne Brown, Rachel’s little sister, has pushed her older sister to the limits for a top spot proving that even siblings must collide. But with match ups so even the girls might contend to the success that the varsity girls brought last year.

    “We push each other and get each other motivated,” said Suzanne Brown, freshman.

    Since the beginning of the season the girls have started off winning five of their last six matches and look forward to excel as one of Kansas City’s finest line up.

    “Our main goal is to develop a young team and go to state and compete for next year,” said Cunliff.

    To add, the girls want to go to state as a team and place. The top three girls including Adele Royle, Rachel Brown, and Suzanne Brown have recently risen above the others along with Shay Jackson who sits at fourth. But with the two bottom spots open, South should be aware of the positive season ahead of them. With a little support from the students, the push that the girls need to succeed, would be provided.

Megan Hughes is in her third year as publications adviser at Park Hill South High School. She currently advises the View newsmagazine, South Paw yearbook and LitMag.