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Kill Or Be Killed – The Many Casualties of Assassin

The game assassin was introduced to South on Friday, September 10.  Since then, almost 20 people have been “killed”.

 In this game, “killed” merely means getting shot with a squirt gun.  The objective is simple – you are given a target by the game’s leader, Max Laney who says, “Yes it is a complex system to run, but it’s worth it.”

You are to eliminate your target with a water gun before you are eliminated, and you are not supposed to tell anyone information about your target.  You are not able to eliminate your target at school, church, or work.  As simple as it sounds, this game can get incredibly complex when applied to everyday life.  You are given the constant worry of being “assassinated” at any given time you are away from your school or work.  You have to employ the help of others to get closer to your target, and hope you do not get betrayed.

All these complex mechanics came into play when Haiden Norman got his target, Tom Fricke, out.  Haiden employed the help of his close friend Alex Gross, also a good friend of Tom Fricke.  The two of them formulated a plan, and in fear of anyone compromising their strategy, did not tell anyone until it was done.  They figured out Tom’s work schedule and were at his house when he was to arrive home.

Alex took his mom’s car to be more discrete, and Haiden was in the passenger seat waiting.  Tom went up to his door and Haiden was on him before he could open his own door with his “mach three super soaker with dual firing capabilities”.

When asked where he sees himself in the game, Norman replied with “I see myself in first place forever.” It was tough for Tom to go through this betrayal of his friend. “It’s hard getting shot by one of your buds, but I guess I’ll be alright.”

Another instance of an intense “assassination” is elimination of Trey Allred.  Alex Gross attempted to shoot him one night, and it resulted in not only failure but the elimination of a friend that tried to help Gross, Brandon Benson.

A few days later, Gross borrowed a ghili suit from his brother. A ghili suit is a suit made out of artificial grass and leaves.  He got to Trey’s house at six in the morning, and lied down waiting for a whole hour for Allred to leave for school.  As soon as he walked to his car, Gross was on him and eliminated him.