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Fellowship of Christian Athletes

017The common Christian athlete, very possibly, may not have an outlet to come and express their religious views in an athletic-setting. Hudson Welty, senior, is one of the main reasons that Park Hill South Christian athletes have that unique opportunity.

“The purpose of FCA is to gather together on Thursday as athletes and worship God in a fellowship setting,” Welty said.

Worshipping God mainly  but that doesn’t stop members from meeting outside of school. “We try to have cookouts and a movie night once every two months,” said Welty.

“It is a safe place especially since school is a non-religious setting. It is a great place to have ideas about god,” Helen Yeater, junior, said.

The purpose of FCA is clear. Christian athletes meet to dicuss ideas about God, their sports and have a good amount of fun.

The meetings are held in the gym on Thursday mornings at 7:00. Anyone is welcome to attend.