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Far From Deutschland

German exchange students are recognized at the Homecoming Assembly.
German exchange students are recognized at the Homecoming Assembly.

It is that time of the year again.  The students from Trifels Gymnasium in Annweiler Germany traveled far to be at South and to visit America.

The students arrived on Monday, Sept 23 after a long flight.  They will be staying for 16 days total and out of those day seven of those will be spent at South.

South German teacher Meredith Williams is happy to have actual germans in her class.

Williams said  “What can be better than a native speaker!”

Williams used to live in Germany and so her background makes her qualified to be the main teacher for the exchange. The visitors appreciated her hospitality.

The teacher from Germany that traveled with the kids,  Mrs. Wahl-Becker said that “Everyone here is so nice!”  and that “Everyone feels at home.”

The statements made by Wahl-Becker and Williams are supported by the kids and their hosts.  Niklas Aron a German student said that he thinks that America is great and is happy to be here.

He said the biggest difference between South and Annweiler is the size.  “A lot more People,”  Said Niklas.

Niklas’ host students Even and Noah Ybarra said they are very excited to have Niklas with them.

“It is an eye opening experience,” said Even.

The Germans expressed their excitement at the homecoming assembly by announcing a statement in front of the whole school.


“We love Park Hill South!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  said the Germans.


This past summer a group of South students spent two weeks in Annweiler with Brad Peck, and this coming summer a group of students will be doing the same with Williams.