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Drug Dogs

This year, so far there has been an increased amount of searches this year on students cars and persons.

Do South’s students think so? While some students think it is infringing their rights, many agree with the schools decision to keep the majority of the body safe.

Parker Mayo said, “it’s  making the rest of our school safe, and if it takes a few to get in trouble then it will have to happen”

The school’s administration tries to make a valiant effort if keeping the  school safe. By doing this it takes extra precautions to ensure the students safety in the world we live in now. The main body of  students is okay with this, but also scared of the little things you can get in trouble with in your car.

Luke Becker talked about if he was ever frightened during the searches not because of drugs, or knives, ect but a little thing such as water gun?

He said, “I am sometimes worried that I forget something like a water gun, and can get into serious trouble”.

Students agree with all of the safety precautions, with some reason. Many think they should strict on some rules and loosen up on some others.

Christopher Nelson said, “I don’t see how bringing drugs to school is the same punishment as a water gun”

With all of the extra searches and seizures the school is remaining safe and to students, that is one of the most important things.