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A One Sided Rivalry

Park Hill South vs Park Hill High School is always the biggest game of the year. It never used to disappoint fans, having huge turnouts and close scores.  This meeting of the teams however was a bit different.

Crucial starting players on the Trojan’s line were absent due to drug related arrests, and team morale was low. Tensions were high the day of the game as drama of the arrests erupted on twitter, students bashing one another on both sides.  The Trojan fan section reflected this in their numbers – a mere half of what they usually have at their own home game.

In contrast, the Park Hill South fan section was huge as always and screaming with support.

“I didn’t care about any of it” says Connor Derry, a PHHS student. “I knew our team was going to do badly so my friends and I didn’t go.”

The game begins, and things start to go badly for Park Hill. The first PHS touchdown occurred within five minutes of the game, leaving Park Hill fans phazed and quiet. The event repeats itself as CJ Whisnant catches an interception that leads into yet another early touchdown. Park Hill’s chance at offense was easily and quickly shut down by the Panther’s defensive line, and end up letting another two Panther touchdowns occur in the first quarter leaving the score already 28-0.

The second quarter begins and quickly another Panther touchdown flies by the weakened Trojan defense.  The Panther’s then start to back off and confidently maintain their 35 point lead. The Fourth Quarter is a both a display of strong Panther defense and a celebration for Panther fans. The clock runs out and an anxious PHS student section storms the field and creates a tunnel for their players.

“It was awesome to see us win by so much” says Alex Gross, a student at PHS.

Some people thought that the storming the field was a bit much, seeing as we were supposed to win anyway.  “I don’t think it was too much to storm the field when we won by that much because they would have done the same thing.”

A confident Sam Sobatka says “It feels really good to have a lot of trash talking between us and come out so on top.”

A well played game against the crippled Trojans further solidifies the Panther’s winning stance in the rivalry.