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South Soccer takes on Park Hill

The soccer team huddles up at a timeout. Photo by Rilie Barnes
The soccer team huddles up at a timeout. Photo by Rilie Barnes

South’s Varsity Soccer boys took on the Park Hill Trojans on September 25, 2013.

 Going into the game, the team was very optimistic.

Josh Hall, senior, said, “the thing I look forward to about the rivalry game is obviously winning.”

Park Hill captured the lead in the first half and had the lead until the last ten heart pounding minutes when Josh Hall, senior, made two  goals to tie the game and throw the crowd into a frenzy and giving the crowd back a little hope.

Blake Howe, senior, said, “It always feels good when we catch up because then Park Hill has to be quiet.”

At the end of regulation time South was tied with Park Hill. As overtime began, Dylan Kintner, junior, had the ball and was heading towards the goal and a Park Hill defender trailing him, then Park Hill made their fatal mistake. Their defender grabbed onto the back of Kintner’s shirt in the box, earning them a  foul in the box which resulted in a penalty kick.

As Hall took the penalty kick everyone was on the edge of their seats, but the ball went right in the goal and the crowd stormed the field.

The day after the game, Kintner said he was kind of sad the game was over. Coming back from behind resulted in a very good game played by South.

 Kintner said, “Being down 0-2 made us want to pick it up and play to our full potential.”

The game ended 3-2 in overtime.