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Second in State


   Hard work. Dedication. Practice. That is what it takes to make it to the top level. South cheer has done just that, placing 2nd in state.

   “We were happy that we didn’t get last, but disappointed because we expected first,” said sophomore varsity cheerleader Abbey Whisnant.

   After placing first in their regionals group, PHS cheer team went on a trip to Columbia, Missouri to prove themselves in state competition.

   “I think we were all pretty upset and disappointed because we worked really hard and wanted first and the state title,” said sophomore varsity cheerleader Ashley Pasley.

   First place in the division went to Poplar Bluff just beating South out of the state title.

   Pasley said it took a lot of hard work and developing of their skills to qualify at regionals and compete at state.

   “We had two weeks of practice everyday for two hours. We just had to focus and work hard,” said Whisnant

   “I think a major goal for the whole team is to stay focused and just keep getting better,” said Pasley.

Both Pasley and Whisnant are hoping to bring home a title next year and work to the best of their ability. But for now they can just enjoy their second place victory.