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How to: Homecoming

For girls Homecoming is one of the few times out of the year where you try and look your very best.  You don’tHC makeup want to let down your date and it is just fun to get all dressed up!  The secret to looking your best is to not go over the top.  The simpler the better.

The trick to eye makeup:  Even though as girls we want to go over the top and the more the better, that is not always true.  Start off with lighter eye makeup then gradually put on darker on top of that.

Step 1 eye makeup:  Once you are done applying all of the colors that you think work best apply a lighter shade underneath your eye.  By doing this it avoids dark circles under your eyes and makes you picture ready!

Step 2 :  Real or fake eye lashes? Some girls like the fake eye lash look but they are sometimes easy to fall out.  I recommend just buying new mascara and doing it that way.  Fake eyelashes are can be tedious and a waste of time.

Step 3 Hair:  Even though some people think wearing our hair up on Homecoming isn’t as cute it is still easier and I promise it looks better with your hair out of your face! It can also get very hot at the dance so your hair up isn’t a bad idea.

Step 4 THE DRESS:  We are a very casual school when it comes to dresses.  Most girls go with the slim fitting dresses rather then poofy ones.  Wear a dress that you like not what other people like.  If you don’t love the dress you are in you are going to be miserable!